Gender Equality Principles Initiative

The Gender Equality Principles Initiative is a public-private collaborative formed by the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, Calvert, and Verité. In 2008, these three partners drafted the Gender Equality Principles. The Gender Equality Principles offer practical standards to which companies can aspire, and a measure against which they can assess their progress on fundamental issues of gender equity. Today, the Initiative benefits from the expertise and direction of the members on its Gender Equity Council.

The Initiative has developed several tools to help encourage the use and implementation of its comprehensive principles, including: a web-based assessment to help companies understand their policies' strengths and weaknesses in terms of gender-responsiveness, a resource database, and, most recently, the Gender Equality Challenge.

All of the Initiative's materials and tools have been created with direct input from a range of companies, non-governmental organizations, and experts in gender, human rights, labor, employment, and legal issues to ensure that they are operationally relevant and can be used effectively and extensively. The Initiative is not intended to serve as a monitor or judge of compliance, but instead as a practical resource to companies and other entities.

The founding partners in the Gender Equality Principles Initiative bring a wealth of experience and resources to this project.

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The City and County of San Francisco Department on the Status of Women is known internationally as an innovator in promoting gender equity through creative public policies and municipal initiatives, including the local implementation of the United Nations' Women’s Human Rights Treaty (CEDAW).

Calvert Research and Management (Calvert) is a global leader in sustainable and responsible investing and serves as a powerful voice in business and public policy on gender equity and other social issues.

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is a pioneer in civil society efforts to protect and promote the rights of women and other workers in the global economy through corporate responsibility programming, research, advocacy, and other mechanisms.


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Gender equity in the workplace makes a difference for all women, in all kinds of jobs.

Valued Participants & Advisors

The assessment tools and resources on this website were developed with direct help from many companies, non-governmental organizations, and individual experts in gender, human rights, labor, employment, and legal issues. Their knowledge and experience help ensure that the materials we present here are practical and can be effectively implemented.

We thank all of these organizations and individuals for their participation.

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The founding partners would like to thank Symantec Corporation for its continuing support of the Initiative and its generous sponsorship of this website.

The partners would also like to thank the Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women for hosting this website.