2017 Gender Equality Challenge Practices

The 2017 Gender Equality Challenge Forum practices are listed below. This year, there are two classifications of practices.

Model Practices are strong, well-established practices that impact a large number of women, demonstrated by real measurable results and strong testimonials with significant investment from senior leaders. These practices are modeled in a way that can be replicated to another workplace.

Promising Practices demonstrate positive impact through strong testimonials or innovative approaches, but either lack measurable results or have not effectively reached a significant number of women yet.

Whether practices are classified as Promising or Model, it does not diminish the commitment and impressive measures that San Francisco Bay Area employers are implementing in their efforts to change workplace culture and advance women in the workplace. This presentation of Gender Equality Practices and the coordination of the Challenge Forum is an effort of both the public and private sector to generate healthy conversations, challenging everyone to do more to promote gender equity and diversity of talent, skills, and abilities.


Bank of America
The Women's Leadership Program delivers a two-day, on-campus experience to engage, develop, and retain high performing and high potential talent with a focus on career goals. Read more


Glassdoor, Inc.
Glassdoor believes pay transparency is something that helps both job seekers and employers alike, and that companies are the key to eliminating their own gender pay gaps using Glassdoor's Annual Employee Pay Analysis. Read more


Latham & Watkins LLP
The firm's Breast Milk Shipping Program supports the retention of women, particularly nursing mothers, with the goal of empowering working parents as they return to work at Latham & Watkins. Read more


Morgan Stanley
The Return to Work Program is a six-week internship program designed to give people an opportunity they generally would not have in the financial industry to return to work after a prolonged absence. Read more


Moss Adams LLP
Forum W's mission is to attract, develop, retain, and advance talented women at the firm by hosting professional development, networking, and mentoring activities to help women make connections and develop their skills. Read more


The Pinterest Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity for candidates from non-traditional tech backgrounds to experience engineering at Pinterest. Read more


PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
PwC's Leave of Absence Career Roundtable Program is a voluntary option that supports staff members during their transition back to work following an approved leave of absence of at least 16 consecutive weeks. Read more

Breakthrough is Prologis' global grassroots network championed by the company's most senior executives who want to create an environment where career opportunities are merit-based and women are advancing along with men. Read more


The Target Corporation
Target CEO Brian Cornell teamed up with Indra Nooyi, Chairwoman and CEO of PepsiCo, to form the Network of Executive Women's Future Fund, an industry-wide campaign aimed at achieving 50/50 gender parity in the workforce. Read more


University of California, San Francisco
The CARE Program for Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education offers direct services and prevention and education services throughout UCSF's campuses, research facilities, and hospitals. Read more


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