Health, Safety, and Freedom from Violence

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Accelerating Gender Parity: A Toolkit

Ratcheva, Zahidi; World Economic Forum; 2017

This toolkit is intended to be a resource for businesses and other stakeholders interested in accelerating gender parity.
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Companies Leading the Way: Putting the Principles into Practice

UN Women, United Nations Global Compact, November 2015

This guide contains a sampling of over 100 good practices gathered from online searches or submitted by UN Global Compact participants in response to our call to share actions and initiatives that their companies are undertaking to empower and advance women. The actions and policies adopted by these companies demonstrate the abundance of ways that business can contribute to the advancement of women's empowerment around the world. The practices are accompanied by an index that matches each one to the specific United Nations Women's Empowerment Principle(s) that it addresses and/or supports. The examples hail from companies representing a broad range of sectors and regions, demonstrating the universal relevance and practicality of women's empowerment and gender equality.
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Corporate Social Responsibility: Why Invest in Employee Health?

The Extending Service Delivery Project, a USAID funded project

This document gives an overview of four different workplace models and explains how the health status of employees affects company profitability and productivity. The document also summarizes the results of a study conducted by Peru 2021 and the CATALYST project in 2002 that looked at workplace programs, employee health, and lifestyle habits by highlighting the key health concerns of Peruvian employees.
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Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking & Your Job

Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center; 2016

This video discusses your rights at work while as a survivor or victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, including taking time off from work, income replacement, safety accommodations and discrimination. (Also available in: Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese)
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Fair Employment and Housing Resources

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing; 2017

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing provides information on workplace rights, including information on sexual harassment and pregnancy disability leave.
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Gender Equality Checklist for Fund Managers

Gender at Work

This annex to the report 'Implementing Gender Equality Policies and Practices in Private Sector Companies' is a checklist that identifies gender-related and women specific issues to be addressed by fund managers at each step in the investment cycle.
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Health Enables Returns (HER) project

In 2007, Business for Social Responsibility launched the HERproject. The HERproject partners with global companies, factories, and local NGOs to improve women's reproductive health and access to health services.
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Model Transgender Employment Policy: Negotiating for Inclusive Workplaces

Transgender Law Center

This model policy and guide will clarify the law and help your company welcome and include transgender, gender non-conforming, and transitioning employees.
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National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

NCADV works for major societal changes that necessary to eliminate both personal and societal violence against all women and children. For materials on domestic violence for distribution at your company, contact your local domestic violence agencies.
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National Sexual Violence Resource Center

An informational and resource center on all aspects of sexual violence.
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On Our Own: A Survival Guide for Independent LGBTQ Youth

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Time Out Youth Center, True Colors Fund

A survival guide for LGBTQ youth who want to learn to live independently, including information such as finding a job and planning financially.
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Paid Family Leave: How Much Time is Enough?

Schulte, Durana, Stout, Moyer; New America; 2017

This project scans some of the best US and international research to lay out how the length of paid family leave impacts four areas: infant and child health and wellbeing, maternal health and wellbeing, gender equality, and businesses and the economy.
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Project Survive: Protecting workplace rights of domestic violence, sexual assault, & stalking survivors

Legal Aid at Work; 2017

A variety of fact sheets and helpful information regarding the laws and legal resources available to help survivors keep their jobs, take time off, and obtain accommodations while seeking safety or medical or legal help.
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Questions to Consider for Baseline Heath Needs Assessment Survey


This survey by Health Enables Return (HERproject) can be used by workers, brand management and factories to assess the health needs of factory workers.
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Safe at Work Coalition

Provides guidance for employers wishing to implement policies and programs aimed at protecting their workers from domestic abuse and workplace violence.
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San Francisco Gender Equality Principles (GEP): Health, Safety, And Freedom From Violence: Frequently Asked Questions

Gender Equality Principles Initiative & Extending Service Delivery Project, a USAID funded project

This document is a compilation of frequently asked questions for Principle 3: Health, Safety, And Freedom from Violence, created by the Gender Equality Principle Initiative with assistance from the Extending Service Delivery Project.
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SF LGBT Center: Employment Services

The SF LGBT Center; 2016

Whether you're looking for your first job, interested in changing careers or advancing in your current role, the Center's Employment Services programs can support you in accomplishing your goals. We see employment as basic right for LGBT individuals and supporters in order to increase financial health and build assets over time. The Center offers a range of services, events, and workshops tailored to support participants' job searches, to offer networking opportunities with potential employers and to connect to further training opportunities. In addition, the Center is proud to offer the nation's first Transgender Employment Program (TEEI)
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Statistics: Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence, and Workplace Conflict

scimia Consulting Group, Inc.

According to this report $121 billion was attributed to workplace violence in 2004. This article provides many statistics on workplace violence.
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The Business of Empowering Women

Mckinsey & Company; January 2010

This report presents a case for why and how the private sector can intensify its engagement in the economic empowerment of women in developing countries and emerging markets. The report draws on insights from interviews with more than 50 leaders and experts in the private and social sectors who focus on women's empowerment, as well as findings from a global survey of nearly 2,300 senior private sector executives, among others.
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The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry

The Restaurant Opportunities Centers United Forward Together; October 7, 2014

This report examines rates of sexual harassment that employees in the restaurant industry have experienced (women, men, and trans* folk), and offers policy recommendations. "Women experienced higher rates of sexual harassment than men; workers in tipped occupations experienced higher rates of sexual harassment than workers in non-tipped occupations; and workers in states where the sub-minimum wage is $2.13/hour experienced higher rates of sexual harassment than workers in states where the sub-minimum wage was higher than $2.13/hour."
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Transgender Law Center Employment Resources

Transgender Law Center

Information on transgender, gender non-conforming, and transitioning employees and employment law for both employees and employers.
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Women in Construction: Still Breaking Ground

National Women's Law Center; 2014

"The share of women in the construction industry has remained shockingly low - under 3 percent - for decades, due in large part to the discrimination that blocks women from entering and staying in the field. Sexual harassment and hostility, lack of mentors, and stereotyped assumptions about women's capabilities all contribute to the problem. Unequal access to construction jobs in turn negatively affects women's income, as traditionally male fields pay higher wages and have a lower wage gap than those dominated by women. More must be done to reverse this trend in construction, and the growth of women's participation in similar nontraditional fields shows that it is possible."
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Women's Empowerment Principles - Equality Means Business

United Nations Global Compact & United Nations Development Fund for Women

A set principles for businesses developed by the UN Global Compact and UNIFEM offering guidance on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. The WEP emphasize the business case for corporate action to promote gender equality and women's empowerment and seek to point the way to best practice by elaborating the gender dimension of good corporate citizenship, the Global Compact, and the role of business in sustainable development.
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Workplace Harassment and Morbidity Among US Adults: Results from the National Health Interview Survey

Khubchandani, Price; Journal of Community Health; 2015

This study assesses the prevalence and psychological and physical health consequences of workplace harassment. It suggests workplace harassment in the US is associated with significant health risk factors and morbidity. Workplace policies and protocols can play a significant role in reducing harassment and the associated negative health outcomes.
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Workplace Safety Tutorials

Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Access an online tutorial to analyze workplace violence in both the nonprofit and private sectors.
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Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention for Employers and Employees

Workplace Violence Task Force & the Department of Labor and Industries; 2000

This guidebook can help employers and employees recognize acts of workplace violence, take steps to minimize and prevent workplace violence, and respond appropriately if it occurs.
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