The Gender Equality Principles Initiative has collected a robust set of resources to assist companies in learning about and implementing best practices in the 7 issue areas. These resources include academic articles, policy suggestions, examples of corporate best practices, organizational websites, and tools to help streamline change within corporations.

The resources and assessment tools on this website were gathered and developed with direct help from many companies, non-governmental organizations, and individual experts in gender, human rights, labor, employment, and legal issues.

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Unitive - Bias Blocking Hiring Software
Unitive is a software that removes unconscious bias at every step of the hiring process from job descriptions to interview questions to empower companies of any (More...)
size to create better, more creative, and more diverse teams. This comprehensive system helps hiring managers focus on the capabilities and capacities that matter and removes the unconscious biases that have held women and people of color back for too long. Access a free version of the software at (Hide)
Web. Added 10/11/2016

The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry
This report examines rates of sexual harassment that employees in the restaurant industry have experienced (women, men, and trans* folk), and offers policy recommendations. "Women experienced (More...)
higher rates of sexual harassment than men; workers in tipped occupations experienced higher rates of sexual harassment than workers in non-tipped occupations; and workers in states where the sub-minimum wage is $2.13/hour experienced higher rates of sexual harassment than workers in states where the sub-minimum wage was higher than $2.13/hour." (Hide)
Article. pdf, 623KB Added 10/5/2016

Women in Construction: Still Breaking Ground
"The share of women in the construction industry has remained shockingly low - under 3 percent - for decades, due in large part to the discrimination (More...)
that blocks women from entering and staying in the field. Sexual harassment and hostility, lack of mentors, and stereotyped assumptions about women's capabilities all contribute to the problem. Unequal access to construction jobs in turn negatively affects women's income, as traditionally male fields pay higher wages and have a lower wage gap than those dominated by women. More must be done to reverse this trend in construction, and the growth of women's participation in similar nontraditional fields shows that it is possible." (Hide)
Article. pdf, 6150KB Added 10/4/2016

Why We Need Older Women in the Workplace
Article highlighting the importance of having a variety of women role models in every workplace, and the issues that women face in staying employed after a (More...)
certain age. (Hide)
Web. Added 10/3/2016

On Our Own: A Survival Guide for Independent LGBTQ Youth
A survival guide for LGBTQ youth who want to learn to live independently, including information such as finding a job and planning financially. Article. pdf, 4123KB Added 10/3/2016

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