The Gender Equality Principles Initiative has collected a robust set of resources to assist companies in learning about and implementing best practices in the 7 issue areas. These resources include academic articles, policy suggestions, examples of corporate best practices, organizational websites, and tools to help streamline change within corporations.

The resources and assessment tools on this website were gathered and developed with direct help from many companies, non-governmental organizations, and individual experts in gender, human rights, labor, employment, and legal issues.

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Elevating Women in Leadership: A study exploring how organizations can crack the code to make real progress
This report shows what's working, what's not and what has the most impact to help companies create the inclusive workplaces required for women to advance. It also provides (More...)
an audit by way of a number of questions throughout the report so that you can reflect on your own organization's strengths and areas for future focus. (Hide)
Article. pdf, 2597KB Added 1/18/2018

Workplace Harassment and Morbidity Among US Adults: Results from the National Health Interview Survey
This study assesses the prevalence and psychological and physical health consequences of workplace harassment. It suggests workplace harassment in the US is associated with significant health (More...)
risk factors and morbidity. Workplace policies and protocols can play a significant role in reducing harassment and the associated negative health outcomes. (Hide)
Article. pdf, 213KB Added 1/11/2018

Paid Family Leave: How Much Time is Enough?
This project scans some of the best US and international research to lay out how the length of paid family leave impacts four areas: infant and child (More...)
health and wellbeing, maternal health and wellbeing, gender equality, and businesses and the economy. (Hide)
Article. pdf, 379KB Added 10/23/2017

Winning the fight for female talent: How to gain the diversity edge through inclusive recruitment
To create a sustainable talent pipeline and be a talent magnet to the modern workforce, employers must actively focus on creating and delivering gender inclusive recruitment. This report aims to (More...)
provide some compelling insights into the current trends around diversity and talent attraction, and the career aspirations and expectations of the modern workforce. (Hide)
Article. pdf, 2378KB Added 10/23/2017

Accelerating Gender Parity: A Toolkit
This toolkit is intended to be a resource for businesses and other stakeholders interested in accelerating gender parity. Article. pdf, 155KB Added 10/23/2017

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