The Gender Equality Principles Initiative has collected a robust set of resources to assist companies in learning about and implementing best practices in the 7 issue areas. These resources include academic articles, policy suggestions, examples of corporate best practices, organizational websites, and tools to help streamline change within corporations.

The resources and assessment tools on this website were gathered and developed with direct help from many companies, non-governmental organizations, and individual experts in gender, human rights, labor, employment, and legal issues.

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Women in the Workplace 2018
This report finds that companies are still not focusing on gender equity incentives nor treating diversity like the business priority that it is. I.e. good intentions (More...)
are not translating into concrete action. Starting early on is key, increasing female representation (more than one woman is important), and fostering an inclusive environment through reducing sexual harassment and microaggressions are also vital. (Hide)
Article. pdf, 5429KB Added 12/19/2018

Want Better Outcomes? Take a Hammer to Your Company's Glass Ceiling
This resource emphasizes the importance of consistently working towards gender equity, as diversifying leadership and paying women equal wages is better for employees and company performance. (More...)
Different dimensions are discussed such as common barriers that prevent women from advancing to executive positions, the effects and findings of pay data reporting, the importance of regular implementation of pay audits, and the benefits of public representation of women in the workplace. (Hide)
Web. Added 12/19/2018

The Apprenticeship Wage and Participation Gap
Apprenticeship programs equip workers with valuable in-demand skills and allow them to learn on the job while earning a decent wage. The analysis in this issue (More...)
brief emphasizes that ensuring racial and gender equity in apprenticeships must be a central concern of policymakers and employers as they take steps to expand these programs. (Hide)
Article. pdf, 254KB Added 7/16/2018

Women Can't Win: Despite Making Educational Gains and Pursuing High-Wage Majors, Women Still Earn Less than Men
This report explores the complex set of reasons that have kept the gender wage gap in place. Even when comparing men and women who have equal (More...)
educational attainment and work in the same occupation, women still earn only 92 cents for every dollar earned by men. (Hide)
Article. pdf, 2023KB Added 5/30/2018

Elevating Women in Leadership: A study exploring how organizations can crack the code to make real progress
This report shows what's working, what's not and what has the most impact to help companies create the inclusive workplaces required for women to advance. It also provides (More...)
an audit by way of a number of questions throughout the report so that you can reflect on your own organization's strengths and areas for future focus. (Hide)
Article. pdf, 2597KB Added 1/18/2018

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